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Experience firsthand the positive effects of Theragem & monitor your heart rate variability

We regularly attend events and exhibitions with speaker slots so you can ask us the questions after experiencing a Theragem and a HeartQuest session. Our worldwide Theragem Sales Points Team can be found below on the below dates and it will be their pleasure to show you the full range of Theragem Fusion Light products.

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Events – Europe 2019


11th September 2019 – HeartQuest Webinar – Online, Worldwide

4 – 6 October – Forum Neural Therapy – Vienna, Austria

12th October 2019 – Lyme Disease Seminar – Manchester, United Kingdom

30th October – 3rd November 2019 – Medizinische Woche – Baden Baden, Germany


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Events – USA 2019


11th September 2019 – HeartQuest Webinar – Online, Worldwide

6th October – NYANP – New York City, USA

15th – 22nd February 2020 – Laughlin UFO Mega Conference, Laughlin, Nevada, USA


HeartQuest Webinars

A two part mind blowing webinar with the designers of HeartQuest and our CEO Catharina Jansma takes you into the world of Heart Rate Variability and how you can effectively use this diagnostic tool to monitor, analysing the resting time between the beats of the heart. These patterns will show you the functional state of your ANS, the metabolism, the brain – liver connections, meridian and 5 elements from the TCM, as well as the Ayurvedic medicines as well as your biological age.

Recently new additional information has been put in the HeartQuest software with great insights in to inflammatory conditions, mineral and hormonal states.

You can purchase these in depth content Webinars, please visit our Wellness shop page.

HeartQuest Webinars:

Available Now: the most recommended webinar on the new updates in HeartQuest – hrv software

Webinar Q & A with Dr. Mike Kessler – click here